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Today in RK Blog were going to continue uncovering some great mind tricks that will have you feeling sexier, edgier and most importantly in control. These 'tips' are all mind tricks that are very easy to put to good use and are all basically for free. It's just a matter of putting them to use to actually see the results. They're all mind tricks that will fool your brain into feeling confident while you transgress this feeling to whoever is around you or whatever the situation you're in.

You can' t always win everything in life. But you don't have to feel like shit during conversations, presentations, confrontations and other random situations. There's no reason to feel under motivated or insecure when you can make the best of the following little tricks. Be sure to check out Part#1 of Mind Tricks That Make You Sexier & Edgier for the few mind tricks that were already discussed.

Here are just a few more mind tricks that should bring some ease, grace, sexiness and confidence during awkward circumstances or moments when you're not feeling 100 percent:

  • 1. Don't Over Think a Situation.

What should you do when you find yourself over thinking a situation, so much that you're spinning out of control? Well, you need to go wash your hands with soap. If you've just made a decision and you're second guessing your choice, washing your hands thoroughly with soap, figuratively cleanses your mind of nagging and negative thoughts.

Coincidentally, washing your hands after doing something that's not very 'nice' will cause you to feel less guilt. Antibacterial wipes are just as effective. However, we're not encouraging to make hasty decisions through crucial moments and were not encouraging to be mean spirited. Always be the best person you can be and always think through your choices. Once you've made your decision, wash your hands and feel good and confident about the decision you have made/chosen.

  • 2. Make A Serious/Hard Decision.

Hold a rather heavy object, like a paper weight or heavy clip board. A research done in in the University of Amsterdam discovered that when people are holding something heavy they take more pride, value and more importance on their own personal opinions and everything surrounding them.

Why is this a cool mind trick to use? If you're holding something hefty while considering an option, the object subconsciously brings weight to whatever it is you are considering, making things more objective for you. If you're in the mist of making a judgement call or an important decision, grab something heavy: A stack of books, a dumbbell or anything in sight that may cause a little bit of strain. Immediately, you'll notice how you're taking the matter at hand much more seriously while you're weighing out your options crucially and objectively.

Again being objective, knowing what you're doing and being focused brings on a sense of confidence for you feel completely in control of your body and mind.

  • 3. Come Up With a New Creative Idea.

How you may ask? With your fingertips press up on the underside of your desktop or any table. This works because this very simple gesture causes a boost in creative thinking. The motion of this gesture flexes the arm muscles that you use to bring things closer to your body. Your brain associates this reflex with creativity and openness.

So next time you're thinking of a cool, clever and exciting gift for your boyfriend you know what to do. If you're stuck at work with a pesty detail, don't be afraid of using creativity to resolve the issue. Put it to the test and see for yourself.

  • 4. Feel Relax and Totally Chilled Out.

How do we do this you may ask? This is real simple and fun, all you have to do is a hug a guy. And we all love hugging guys! For some reason when women get a whiff of men, such as their skin or hair we become immediately more relaxed. Apparently the scent of a men has a powerful calming effect to the brain.

Nothing radiates more sexiness and confidence than being chilled and all so relaxed. And you don't necessarily have to hug your boyfriend or husband. We're talking about friendly hugs. Hug your big brother, your dad, a good friend, a cool co-worker. However, don't practice this clever little mind trick on your boss. It will be awkward and possibly considered inappropriate. Don't be a weirdo a give a hug to the tech guy that helped you out with your shitty computer.

  • 5. Figure Out the Next Step In Your Life: Career, Love Life, Etc.

Oh God, "yes" life is always happening, so many decisions to make such little time...What should you do? We say, lean your upper body forward. This position of your upper torso is directly connected with our perception of time and physical space (what's coming up and moving forward.) This amazing mind trick will help you visualize the future much more vividly.

This is an amazing trick/exercise to use when making decisions about your future. Whether you're pondering whether you should move in with your boyfriend or if the relationship has ran its course. It's also, good to make decisions about other things that pertain to your future such as investments, career moves and the likes. This method will put things in perspective while you can actually visualize the options as you think them through.

Here at RK Blog we hope that you find these mind tricks to be of help. We strongly encourage you to try them out. After all you don't have much to loose for they don't require much of you but just doing them and you can basically try out any of these mind tricks anywhere. We want our readers to be chilled, relax, sexy and confident as often as possible and why not, you most likely deserve to feel good and at ease. Give these a try and let us know how they turned out for you.

Drop your comments/opinions here at RK Blog. Also, tune in for more groovy advice and the best update on reality porn!


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