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This week we did something different. We picked one niche and put videos head to head to see which was better. We'll give you a little hint on the niche because when it comes to Yoga porn Reality Kings has more than enough to offer. That being said, in one corner we have a Hot Bush video featuring Gabriella Paltrova called Coochie Coat, and in the other corner we've got a Cameron Canada video from Money Talks from the update, Naked Yoga. Both are equally awesome, but we will let you choose.

Gabriella Paltrova Yoga Porn

There is no doubt that either of these awesome Reality Kings Yoga porn videos could probably reign supreme in and of themselves. But against each other, it becomes hard to choose a winner. I may be biased, but I think the option comes down to the flexibility of Cameron Canada versus the thickness of Gabriella Paltrova. Being I am a huge Latina genre fan, I'd have to go with Gabi. But to each his own. We'll let you decided which one you think is best. After all, these aren't the only Yoga episodes you'll find on RK. Just take a look around. There are more on We Live Together and on Euro Sex Parties too. For now, enjoy these until next time.


Money Talks is always the site you go to for weird porn (remember that one classic Hot Ass Weird Porn video?) and this Money Talks sucking huge dick porn video is no exception. I just love this movie, because it features hot chicks doing the weirdest shit for money and loving every moment of it. I have no clue where the Money Talks crew finds these chicks, or how they convince them to strip for money…but I have to say that they are still my heroes!

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Today on the official RK Blog we are super proud - gushing with joy in fact - to bring you these hot ass weird porn videos thanks to our good friends from Free Money Talks. These chicks in these videos are so hot that they will blow your mind, and what will blow your mind even further is the weird as fuck things that they do for sex. I can't believe just how raunchy things get, and I work here and see this type of shit all of the time! Check out this really hot dick sucking babes videos out today, only on Money Talks!

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Holy shit, man, wait until you get a load of these dick sucking babes in this Money Talks episode that goes by the name of "Booty Bride." With this brand new episode of Money Talks, we have about a thousand things go oh-so-wrong in all of the best ways! I think my favorite part of this whole porn is the part where this really hot chick finger bangs her friend through a fanny pack! I know that doesn't sound particularly sexy, but you need to see what happens afterwards and then you'd understand what is so hot about finger banging chicks through fanny packs!

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Of course, it's not just fanny pack sex that makes these chicks in this video so nasty - basically every frame of this incredible new film is filled head to toe with the weirdest, wackiest sex dares you have seen in your entire life. Enjoy seeing hot chicks play with dildo pogo-sticks? I have no clue, but I am going to bet that you don't either, and so I suggest that you check it out might discover a fetish you never had!

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I really love the Money Talks family of porn just because it's so nasty and doesn't care who knows about it. Unlike other porn videos, which just takes place in a studio or some schmo's mansion, the Money Talks team takes to the streets to find all of the hottest future porn stars! It's like some sort of topographical Utopia, so check it out today!


What would the world be like without hot teens? I don't know, but I do know that I love this hot teen showing tits video that we have for you today on Reality Kings. The chicks in this video are total exhibitionists, although you would too if you had hot bodies like they do! Of course, not only do they love to show off their bodies, they love to show off their bodies while fucking the shit out of some dude. Check out this hot teens showing tits video on Reality Kings today!

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Today on our site, we have some free Money Talks porn. This RK Tube video is just way to intense to handle, and I'd suggest taking extreme caution before you actually watch it. If you don't, then you run the risk of finding yourself madly in love with all of the babes in the video, and maybe never recovering from that deep affection. If that does happen, we can't really do anything about it, but we hope the best for you! Anyways, check out this free Money Talks porn today at RK Tube!

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If you're looking for some good laughs, hot babes flashing their tits & getting their pussies stuffed Money Talks is the place to be. Every episode is packed with people willing to do the craziest things and hot babes willing to show off all their goods. They get chics of all ages to flash their tits, ass and everything in-between.

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Check out this "The Rub Club" episode for example. You have some morons getting hit with golf balls. There's a dude who gets blindfolded to play a game of "pin the tale on the Hottie". Another dude strips and puts on a thong to go layout on the burning parking-lot floor. Then for the babes, one chick rides a horse naked, big tits beach babe flashes all her goods and then there's the blonde vs brunette water-gun fight. On;y the action doesn't stop there. The find themselves a hot Asian massage therapist who for the right amount of cash is willing to strip naked and give this dude the Happy Ending of a lifetime.


Calling it what you will - a mnage a trios, or a threesome, this is one group of hot and horny sex mad starlets that's clearly having a lot of fun. In this Money Talks video from Reality Kings we get to see a whole combination of moves whilst this threesome gets up to a whole heap of fucking, cum filled action with more pussy than a cat sanctuary a month after Christmas. This is a double sensation, with these stars enjoying it both ways, any way, either way and all the way. Definitely a video to enjoy again once 3D is available!


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